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RIPE NCC IPv6 Tutorial
IPv6 for LIRs Tutorial
Alex Band
Newcomers' Intro
Newcomers' Intro - RIPE
Rob Blokzijl , RIPE Chair
Introduction to the RIPE NCC
Axel Pawlik, Managing Director RIPE NCC
Plenary 14:00-15:30 PDF PDF
4-Byte As Numbers Revisited
Geoff Huston
PDF Quicktime
Martin Pels, AMS-IX
PDF Quicktime
IPv6 Capable CPE Devices and a Use Case
Jan Schöllhammer, AVM
PDF Quicktime
The Big Delay - IPv6 in the Access Layer
Marco Hogewoning, XS4ALL
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Plenary 16:00-18:00 PDF PDF Quicktime
FT Group-wise IPv6 Program
Christian Jacquenet, France Telecom
PDF Quicktime
A Strategic Approach to IPv6
Dave Wilson. HEANET
PDF Quicktime
IPv6 in Real Life
Fernando Garcia, Juan Pedro Cerezo
PDF Quicktime
IPv6 in the Citizens with Special Needs' Network
Carlos Friaças
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