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Address Policy Working Group

Main Room Floriana I/ II

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Dates: Wednesday, 7 October 09:00 - 10:30 | Wednesday, 7 October 11:00 - 12:30 | Thursday, 8 October 14:00 - 15:30

Wednesday 9:00-10:30 • Session 1

Main Room Floriana I/ II

A. Administrative Matters

  • Welcome
  • Finalise agenda
  • Scribe/Jabber
  • Approve minutes from RIPE 58

B. Current Policy Topics - Filiz Yilmaz

  • Overview of concluded proposals
    2009-05 Multiple IPv6 /32 Allocations - withdrawn
    2008-05 Anycast for ENUM - accepted
    2009-02 Resources to the RIPE NCC - accepted

  • Overview of proposals currently in Last Call
    2009-06 Routing Requirements
    2009-07 Global ASN Block Policy
    2009-08 IPv6 PI for LIRs

  • Common policy topics in all regions
    (End of IPv4, transfers, etc)

C. Rough Edges of Current Policies
A report from the RIPE NCC Registration Services Department on issues and unintended side-effects showing up in the daily implementation of the RIPE policies. Folllowed by a brief discussion.

D. "Routing Issues" Update
At RIPE 58, we decided to work together with the Routing Working Group to remove "routing policy" from the address policy documents, and have the Routing Working Group come up with an updated routing recommendation document.

This is to briefly summarise what this is all about and point to the document. Actual discussion should take place in the Routing Working Group.

E. Document Cosmetic Surgeries Project - Filiz Yilmaz

Wednesday 11:00-12:30 • Session 2

Main Room Floriana I/ II

E. New Proposals since RIPE 58
Overview of what's coming

F. Discussion of Open Policy Proposals

  • Various - Not directly related to IPv4 run-out
    2006-05 PI Assignment Size
    2008-07 Ensuring Efficient Use of Historical IPv4 Resources - Philip Smith
    2008-08 Initial Certification Policy for PA Space Holders - Nigel Titley, CA TF
    2009-01 Global Policy for the allocation of IPv4 blocks to RIRs - Cross RIR design team represented by Axel Pawlik

  • Directly related to IPv4 run-out
    2009-03 Run Out Fairly - Daniel Karrenberg

    2008-06 Use of Final /8 - Philip Smith
    2009-04 IPv4 Allocation and Assignments to Facilitate IPv6 Deployment - Alain Bidron

Thursday 14:00-15:30 • Session 3

Main Room Floriana I/ II

G. IPv6 Addressing Outside Traditional "Internet'' Deployments - Dr. Joerg Wellbrink, German Ministry of Defense

H. New Policy Proposal: "IPv4 Temporary Assignment Pool"- Nick Hilliard

I. Resumption of open policy proposals discussions, if needed

X. Ideas of How to Tackle Any Problems Experienced by the RIPE NCC Registration Services Department

  • Open discussion, based on the report and comments from Wednesday

Y. Open Policy Hour
"The Open Policy Hour (OPH) is a showcase for your policy ideas. If you have a policy proposal you'd like to debut, prior to formally submitting it, here is your opportunity." (Idea from ARIN policy meeting)